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1 Dead, 1 Missing in Floods in Bulgaria and Romania

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Heavy rainfall across south east Europe has led to flooding in Bulgaria and Romania, a fears for river levels across the region.

Currently the worst affected area is in the north and in particular the district of Gabrovo, where one woman has been reported as killed in the floods in the village of Vranilovtsi. A man, believed to be the son of the deceased, is also missing.

Focus Information Agency say that other villages in the district have also been affected by flooding, including Tranevo, Yavorets, Novakovtsi, Gabene and Stoevtsi. Homes have been flooded and water and power supply hit by the floods.

The recent heavy rainfall in the country has prompted Bulgaria’s Ministry of Environment and Waters to issue warnings for high river levels and risk of floods.

Gabrovo suffered from damaging floods just last month, when many parts of Bulgaria were hit by flash floods, killing at least 11 people.

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