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40th anniversary of the cell phone

Today marks the 40th anniversary since Martin Cooper made the first call in New York in 1973 on a Motorola DynaTAC.
A Motorola DynaTAC was a device 9in tall, comprising 30 circuit boards, with a talk-time of 35 minutes and 10 hours to recharge.
Mobile phone technology has come a long way since then...

Four decades on, a worldwide telecoms industry has grown rapidly, based on wide choice, falling prices and an array of technologies.
The two most significant developments in mobile phone technology have been the widespread availability and the internet access.

The early days of mobile were all about voice, whereas these days it is much more about data.
People now use phones for internet access, social networking, maps, morning alarms, games, apps, to take photos, watch video clips.

It is hard to know what to expect in the next 40 years, but it is for sure millions more people in the world will have access to mobile phones.

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