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4.4-meter bike hit in L.A. cycling event

Bike enthusiasts flocked to the streets of Los Angeles to take part in the sixth CicLAvia. The event attracted over 150,000 people to ride on a network of streets that were cut off from car traffic and stretched from downtown all the way to the ocean.

The CicLAvia event serves as a reminder and a celebration of the simpler forms of transportation, and some think that it just may turn L.A. into a more bike and pedestrian-friendly city.

However, a video of a man riding a 4,4-meter bicycle called 'Stoopidtall' through the streets of Los Angeles is going viral online.

Stunt cyclist Richie Trimble staged the stunt to celebrate CicLAvia - an LA-based festival of alternative transportation.

Two friends held the bike while he climbed up into the saddle before setting off, towering over other cyclists and vehicles.

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