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A cure for world hunger?

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An exotic fruit that tastes like pork and gives off a putrid smell could save millions from starvation.
The 'miracle crop', known as a jackfruit, is the biggest tree-borne fruit in the world and grows in south and southeast Asia, reported Daily Mail (UK).

A single fruit, which can weigh between 4.5 and 45 kilograms (10-100lbs), houses hundreds of seeds that are rich in nutritious calcium, protein, iron and potassium.

One fruit can be enough to feed a family for an entire meal.
Researchers suggest the crop could replace wheat and corn which are threatened by climate change.

Now, a pair of graduates based in Birmingham are attempting to break the food market with the jackfruit - by selling it as a healthy pork alternative.

'Project Jackfruit' was started by 23-year-old entrepreneurs Jordan Grayson and Abi Robertson, who were looking for a substitute for meat in their meals.

The pair sells pre-prepared portions of jackfruit sourced from India, with flavours including barbecue, satay and Caribbean jerk.

The crop is exceptionally popular in Bangladesh and other south and Southeast Asian nations, but Mr Grayson and Ms Robertson admit it may take the public some getting used to.

'Some people seem very nervous about it but once they've been tempted and tried it they can't believe it,' Ms Robertson told MailOnline.

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