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America's Biggest Homeless Camp Is Cleared

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Police in Silicon Valley have moved in to clear what's become America's biggest homeless encampment - reported the SkyNews.

The sprawling square-mile site in San Jose in California has become known as the Jungle - and sits just a short drive from the tech wealth of Silicon Valley.

More than 200 people were thought to be living rough in the camp before police and social services moved in to to clear it away.

Residents of the camp were warned earlier this week that they must leave

Residents of the camp were warned earlier this week that they must leave the area by Thursday or face arrest for trespass.

San Jose's homelessness response manager Ray Bramson told the Associated Press that increased violence, wet weather and unsanitary conditions made it imperative the camp is cleared.

He said that, in the last month, one resident had tried to strangle someone with a cord of wire down there and another was nearly beaten to death with a hammer.

There has been anger from some homeless advocates about the clear-out

The presence of "the Jungle" has become a huge embarrassment to the city, especially as it sits in the middle of one of the wealthiest parts of the United States.

Last year, Sky News highlighted the growing income inequality between those working in the area's tech industry and the rest of the community.

The clear-out has coincided with the opening of San Jose's cold weather shelters for the winter, but there has been anger from some homeless advocates.

"The Jungle" is one of more than 200 homeless encampments in San Jose

Officials say they have spent millions of dollars trying to solve problems that have arisen at the camp since it was last cleared in May 2012.

Despite promises to help find accommodation for those in need, relief is likely to be temporary as San Jose has more than 200 homeless encampments.

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