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Artificial Intelligence Drops First Pop Album

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Turns out that artificial intelligence bots might be better at composing music than Bach or wild-haired Beethoven could have imagined, reported Sputnik News.

Launched as a collaborative effort between YouTube sensation Taryn Southern and Amper, an AI music composer, the release of "I AM AI" could offer a peek into collaborations to come as the music industry continues to evolve.

Human creators and human musicians are not going away," Drew Silverstein, CEO for Amper Music, told CNN Tech.
"We're making it so that you don't have to spend 10,000 hours and thousands of dollars buying equipment to share and express your ideas."

According to Southern, the process of creating the album's first song, "Break Free," was easy, with only a few minor tweaks.

"In a funny way, I have a new song-writing partner who doesn't get tired and has this endless knowledge of music making," she told CNN Tech. "But I feel like I get to own my vision; I iterate and choose what i like and don't like."

While one concern among critics points to the issue of robots taking over everything, Silverstein explained to TechCrunch that the entire project of Amper is and will continue to be a "collaborative experience to propel the creative process forward."

And as it turns out, it did just that.


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