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ATM robbery prank goes terribly wrong

A YouTube prankster pretending to be an ATM robber ended up with a broken nose after getting attacked by a heroic bystander, NY Daily News reports.

Footage shows the moment one of the jokers, who mock-mugs a fellow actor as a pal films from afar, was brutally bashed in the face by a brave passerby.

The gagsters, from the Reckless Youth crew, thought their stunt would demonstrate how people in Sydney, Australia, were unwilling to help others in need.

But Daniel Maran, 19, and Robert Milazzo and George Proestos, both 16, in fact showed the exact opposite as their caper spectacularly backfired.

The trio uploaded the video, which features several other fake thefts where they commit a "robbery" before confessing it's a prank as passersby get involved, to YouTube.

"We got mixed results," they wrote in the description. It's since gone viral with more than 500,000 hits.

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