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Australians are spending a fortune after hitting the bottle

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Most of us are guilty of indulging in a little retail therapy after we’ve had a few.
But it’s a habit that’s costing us billions, reported (Australia).

New research from comparison site has revealed Australians have spent a staggering $2.34 billion on online shopping while drunk.

The survey found one in five of us shop under the influence, with the practice costing us an average of $388 each.

As you would expect, drunk Aussies fork out for some weird and wonderful items — like dog costumes, for example — after a few cheeky drinks.

But we are most likely to splurge on clothing, with almost one in 10 of us attempting to restock our wardrobes while intoxicated.

Home-delivered food and more alcohol are the next biggest drunk purchases, while other popular items among tipsy shoppers were shoes, lottery tickets and electronics.

Women are the worst offenders, spending up to $457 in one drunken hit compared to just $308 for men. editor-in-chief Angus Kidman said booze and credit cards didn’t always mix.
“If you’ve ever had one too many drinks and woken up the next morning wondering what on earth you bought last night, you’re not alone,” he said.

“A growing number of Australians are waking up after a night of drinking with buyer’s regret: all it takes is one too many drinks and an internet connection.

“Over 650,000 Australians have even gone as far as paying for a holiday online while in an inebriated state.”

Unfortunately, Mr Kidman said the problem was only set to worsen.
“It’s poised to become an even bigger problem as companies push their products through apps and social media marketing, so be careful,” he warned.

“One moment you could be scrolling through Instagram, and the next you could be entering your credit card details.

“When you’ve had a few drinks your impulse control is affected and you could end up with more than you bargained for.”

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