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Ayda Field shares hilarious naked video of husband Robbie Williams

It's fair to say they're a rather cheeky couple.

And Loose Women panellist Ayda Field, 37, didn't mind sharing a video of her pop singer husband Robbie Williams, 42, as he talked to her while completely naked, reports The Daily Mail.

Keeping his modesty by holding a freshly baked cake in front of his private parts, the tattooed hunk walked into the room trying to convince his lovely wife that he was invisible.

As she filmed him, he said: 'Whoa, Floating cake. I'm invisible. Floating cake.'

Ayda replied: 'Babe, you didn't choose invisibility, you chose cake....I can see you... and your b******s are hanging out.'
The hairy superstar continued to hold the sweet treat in front of him as the clip came to an end.

It's not the first time the internet has seen a little too much of the former Take That singer's body.

Back in June, Ayda Field explained that Robbie asked her to upload another nude snap of him onto the social media site in order to cause a stir.

She said: 'Robbie wanted to break the internet with his testicles like Kim Kardashian did.'

Adding: 'He wanted to break the internet with his b******s.'

Despite her protestations, Robbie insisted that she took the snap which showed him fully nude with only his hands covering his modesty.

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