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Balloons Fail To Lift Wreckage Of AirAsia Plane

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Recovery teams off the Indonesian coast have failed to salvage the fuselage of AirAsia Flight QZ8501, after balloons designed to lift the plane from the seabed deflated in poor weather - reorted the SkyNews.


In another setback for the operation to retrieve the bodies of passengers, the main body of the plane sank to the ocean floor after being lifted close to the water's surface.

Four bodies were retrieved on Saturday, meaning 69 of those on board the flight from Surabaya to Singapore have been rescued so far. An estimated 93 people are still missing.

According to officials, a sonar scan has revealed an object "suspected to be the cockpit" of the Airbus A320, which is approximately 500m away from the main body of the plane.

The AirAsia jet's flight data recorders – which were recovered from the Java Sea last week – are currently being analysed by investigators.

On Friday, divers attempted to enter the fuselage of the plane, but its condition affected their efforts to retrieve more bodies.

One rescue agency worker said: "The divers said it was dark inside, the seats were floating about and the wires were like a tangled yarn."

A preliminary report on the accident could be sent to the International Civil Aviation Organisation as early as next week, but experts have warned it could be a year before full details of what caused the crash emerge.

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