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Bar Turned into Moe’s from ‘The Simpsons’

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Many bars celebrate Halloween by offering ghoulish-sounding cocktails, holding late-night costume contests, or, well, not celebrating at all, really. But Replay in Chicago is really getting into the Halloween spirit this year by putting a costume on its entire establishment, reported Munchies (US).

In an ode to the iconic Simpsons watering hole that is Moe's, Replay has gotten a full Moe's makeover, including a non-stop Kent Brockman Channel 6 news feed, pickled eggs, and, of course, plenty of Flaming Moes, the cough syrup cocktail that, in hindsight, may have been the precursor to sizzurp.

Replay's makeover looks a lot more polished than the cartoon shithole that inspired it, and their Flaming Moes probably don't actually contain codeine, but the Halloween pop-up has been a huge draw for locals. Speaking to CBS Chicago, Replay manager Sean Adamson, an avowed Simpsons fan, says that the reception caught him off guard.

"I knew it would be busy," he told CBS Chicago. "I knew it would be popular. I had no idea it would be this popular." Other meticulously curated props include a cardboard cutout of Moe, Simpsons arcade games, taps of Duff Beer, and a napkin with Bart's soul on it.

According to CBS Chicago, Moe's at Replay will "stay open at least through Halloween." Hopefully Replay staff will get more than the "shabby treatment" experienced by Moe Szyslak's regulars who put cobras in the cash register, lit him on fire, and got banned for pulling the dreaded "ol' sugar me do."

When asked if Replay uses cough syrup in their Flaming Moe, owner Mark Kwiatkowski told MUNCHIES via email, "No cough syrup in the Flaming Moe, it won't flame up and likely not legal," adding that the inspiration for the pop-up was "loving the Simpsons when younger and then getting back into it when my 12 year old son became interested."

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