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Barack Obama says he had 'excellent' talks with Donald Trump

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Barack Obama has said he had an "excellent conversation" with president-elect Donald Trump at the White House, as the handover of power begins, reported Sky News.

Mr Obama said he was encouraged by Mr Trump's willingness to work with his team on the issues facing the country, adding it was important for all "to now come together".

The 70-year-old property mogul arrived around 11am local time (4pm UK time) and the meeting between the pair lasted for 90 minutes.

Mr Trump said he looked forward to more meetings with the president before his inauguration in January and that they talked about "a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties".

He said the president explained "some of the great things that have been achieved", but did not elaborate.

Mr Obama was critical of Mr Trump throughout the campaign, saying he was unfit to serve as commander in chief.

If the Republican makes good on his campaign promises he will wipe away much of what Mr Obama has done in office, including his signature healthcare reforms and the landmark nuclear agreement with Iran.

But the pair continued the conciliatory tone that has emerged since Mr Trump's victory, with Mr Trump saying he was looking forward to benefiting from Mr Obama's "counsel" in the future.

Mr Obama pledged his administration would "do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds".

He said: "My number-one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful."

The two men ended their historic encounter with a handshake and refused to take questions from the journalists present.

First Lady Michelle Obama has also met privately in the White House residence with Mr Trump's wife Melania, while Vice President Joe Biden will meet Vice President-elect Mike Pence later on Thursday.

The transition meeting comes after a night of protests sparked by the Republican's surprise victory over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in one of the most bitter and divisive elections in US history.

Demonstrators in more than 10 cities across the nation chanted "Not my president", burned a papier mache head of the president-elect, hit a pinata with his likeness and carried signs that said "Impeach Trump".

A second round of protests is planned on Thursday evening.

As well as the talks in the Oval Office, Mr Trump is scheduled to meet House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to discuss the Republican legislative agenda.


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