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Belgium animal activists open virtual cat brothel

Activists from the animal welfare group GAIA opened a virtual brothel for cats in Brussels, Sky news reports.

The neon lights, which display virtual cats reproducing, are designed to draw attention to the dangers caused when owners fail to neuter their cats.

The exhibition was designed by animal welfare activist, Michel Vandenbosch, who described the current situation as a "tragedy".

He also urged national governments to respond by making it a legal responsibility for owners to neuter their cats.

"The whole tragedy lies in the fact that cats reproduce like rabbits. We have the utmost respect for rabbits but the problem is that - many tens of thousands of cats - more than 30,000 each year end up in shelters. They are being dumped in shelters and four out of ten of those cats will be put to sleep. So that's a tragedy," Vandenbosch said.

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Location: Belgium
Location: Belgium
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