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Bieber got his bodyguards to carry him up the Great Wall of China

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Justin Bieber is currently on tour in China, where he's been spotted dropping in on the local Apple stores, nightclubs, and the occasional tourist attraction.

While Bieber has yet to indulge in a panda photo op (it'll happen, even though the Backstreet Boys did it best), he did visit the country's most famous fortification: The Great Wall of China. And apparently he got tired.

Believe Tour Updates, a creepy but thorough Twitter account that painstakingly updates on all of Justin's activities, posted the following snap of Justin getting carried up the wall by two of his bodyguards - reports

Incidentally, those bodyguard deserve pay bumps. Bieber and his crew eventually made it to the top, as evidenced by this shot from his friend Alfredo Flores' Instagram...

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