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Brazilian mother gives birth to three albino children

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When Rosamere Fernanda de Andrade held her newborn baby daughter, she assumed there had been a terrible mistake as while she was black, her child had white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes - reported the DailyMail.

Ms de Andrade and her then husband Joao, are both African Brazilian, but their first daughter suffered from the rare genetic condition, albinism.
Ruth, who is now 14, was born without any skin pigment and looked considerably different to her parents.

Since having her first child, Ms de Andrade, 31, has given birth to two other albino children as well as three who are black.
Ms de Andrade said the difference between her family is so vast that she is often mistaken for the albino children's nanny.

However, Ms de Andrade's biggest worry is how albinism will affect kids Ruth, 14, Estefani, 12, and Kauan, nine.
The condition is characterised by the absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes - which leaves sufferers exposed to a range of afflictions.
The youngsters are so sensitive to sunlight that they need factor 100 sun block every two hours - and not allowed to play outside in the middle of the day.

Ms de Andrade, who lives with partner Robenilson, 37, who is father to Maria, knows there's a chance any of her children could have albino babies of their own.
But with the help of doctors she now knows how to manage the condition and will be able to educate her own children in how to care for theirs.

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