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Canadian base jumper dies in Italy after miscalculating rocks

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A Canadian extreme sportsman has died during a parachute jump in Italy's Dolomite mountains after he crashed between two rock towers, Italian rescuers said today, reported Daily Mail.

Mario Richard, 47, was jumping from a 1,000-meter (3,300-foot) peak in the Val di Fossa near Bolzano on Monday when he failed to clear a rock by three meters, said Gino Comelli, of the Alpine rescue service in Val di Fassa who was one of the rescuers at the scene.

'There are two mountain walls connected by a rock. Richard arrived three meters too low, on this rock. Then, he rolled over in a canal,' Comelli told The Associated Press.

Richard was jumping with a group of Italians and Canadians, wearing a webbed wingsuit designed to provide extra lift for flight.

He had already done three successful jumps from the same peak the previous day, Comelli said.

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Location: Italy
Location: Italy
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