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Chicago store owner fights off gunman

A Chicago shop owner defended his shop with a baseball bat against robbers’ bullets on Tuesday, April 9.

Luis Quizhpe, 62, successfully defended ‘Quizhpe's Gifts and Sports’ in Logan Square against two hooded attackers - one fired at least 10 shots inside the shop.

Quizhpe got shot in the leg as it is seen on the security camera video.

"I felt something warm down my leg… I lost about a gallon of blood," he said. "God didn't permit me to go yet."

Quizhpe later said he did not suspect the two men who entered his store would pose any sort of threat. He even offered one of them a tissue because of a runny nose before the gunman drew his weapon and grabbed Quizhpe’s brother-in-law Luis Ernesto Aucaquizhpe by the neck.

Quizhpe grabbed a baseball bat and started to swing, hitting the gunman in the upper body and head repeatedly as he climbed over the counter to reach the cash register.

Aucaquizhpe hit the robbers with a metal pole before throwing a stool at them and chasing them from the store with a fire extinguisher.

The gunman appears to have accidentally shot his partner, who can be seen limping away to the door in the security video.

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