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Critics And Fans Give Their Verdict On Spectre

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James Bond fans and those with a more critical eye have attended the "first ever" screenings of Spectre - reported the SkyNews.

The 24th Bond film sees Daniel Craig return for a fourth, and if he is to be believed, possibly last, time as the MI6 agent.

Sky News' Entertainment Correspondent Lucy Cotter went to a screening in London's Leicester Square to see if the £190m film could live up to its hype.

Cotter said the huge budget was "evident immediately with Bond first being seen in Mexico City for the Day of the Dead festival.

"The action takes him all over the world, from Rome to Austria, ending up with some sensational scenes in London.

"Andrew Scott is a hugely welcome addition to the cast. He takes on the role of Max Denbigh (C), the new boss of the Centre for National Security, and is not a fan of 007.

"Both Ralph Fiennes and especially Ben Whishaw (Q) see more action, and have some cracking lines. 

"Craig also seems to have more fun this time round and even cracks a smile every now and then.

"Nods to the past are fun and don't get in the way of the action, it's very entertaining, with high octane chases and plenty of gadgets and gags.

"Fans will be calling for Craig and director Sam Mendes to keep them coming for many years to come - something they are unlikely to oblige."

The film lasts more than two hours and has garnered mixed reactions from elsewhere - some calling it a "classic Bond", others say it is "predictable".

Peter Bradshaw gave the film five stars in The Guardian and said it was "pure action mayhem with a real sense of style".

The Times also awarded Spectre full marks, with critic Kate Muir saying Craig's latest outing is "achingly cool, as sleek and powerful as the silver Aston Martin DB10 that races through the movie".

But showbiz reporter Steve Hargrave said it was "solid and reliable but there were no real shocks or surprises".

Spectre will be released on 26 October, the same night of the royal world premiere in London.



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