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Customers flock to barber shop to get topless trim

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A Brisbane barber shop says it is attracting customers from hundreds of miles away - after offering topless trims, reported Orange News.

Barber Babes, based in the city's central business district, features topless female barbers cutting hair wearing only hot pants or underwear.

It claims that customers travel from as far as Townesville - 850 miles away - for a short back and sides.

The scantily-clad barbers also offer scalp massages, brow waxing, blow dries and a shave with a cut-throat razor.

Owner operator Jasmine Robson said all her stylists were fully qualified hairdressers.

"One of the gorgeous barbers was even apprentice of the year when she trained," she said.

Ms Robson said the response has been excellent since the salon opened in February with some customers coming in every couple of days for a shave.

"We have one client who flies in especially from Townsville to get his hair cut,'' she added.

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