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Dancing policeman spices up traffic in Rhode Island

Dancing policeman Tony Lepore was bored and so he developed an entertaining way of directing traffic. He is making dance moves and providing music with his whistle entertaining the drivers and pedestrians of Rhode Island. He became a celebrity and icon of the area, everybody knows him around there.

He is not the only one who chose to spice up the cop shifts by dance moves. Maybe inspired by Lepore, the squad captain of the Clayton County sheriff department cheered up the crowd in Charlotte.

Another policeman did not see the reason why he should not dance with a pretty lady while securing the area.

A cop became a celebrity during the 2012 London Olympics when he was securing the route of the Olympic flame.

The cop-dancing virus spread to Sweden as well where a policeman put up the dance shoes in Malmö.

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Location: Rhode Island, USA
Location: Rhode Island, USA
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