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Daredevil scales London Tower

James Kingston climbed London's iconic South Bank Tower and up to the towering crane that hangs over it.

With no protection and questionably sticky shoes, James climbs his way to the top of the tower, jumping an unbelievable gap on the way that is guaranteed to make your skin crawl.

Kingston, who trains extensively for his stunts, climbed the South Bank Tower three times at night before filming the fourth attempt.
The climb from the bottom of the building to the very top of the crane took only 20-30 minutes.

James said that he is not afraid of death after filming his ascent.
Once on top, he surveys the sunrise, before performing his signature one-handed hang.

Up above London, the sun rising behind the Shard, and a city waking up to an unbelievably beautiful day.

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Location: London, UK
Location: London, UK
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