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Dog Leads Confused Owner To Missing Elderly Woman

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According to FOX10 Phoenix, Abby Leathers first noticed that her dog was behaving oddly earlier this week when they were both at their home in Gwinnett County, Georgia, reported Good News Network.

Her rescue dog, Bruce, scratched at the door, seemingly desperate to be let outside. When Leathers obliged his request, Bruce instantly rushed out the door like he was on a mission.

Leathers told FOX10 that he darted straight towards a nearby pond. She followed Bruce all the way to the water, saying that he appeared to know exactly where he was going and what he was doing.

When they arrived, Leathers was shocked to see an elderly woman in the water.

Leathers told FOX that – because the woman didn’t speak English – they were unable to communicate properly. “She was standing two or three feet down, up to her knees in the water,” she said.

Eventually, Leathers coaxed her out of the pond, wrapped her in a blanket, and called 911.

While the authorities arrived and paramedics tended to the woman, her family has already called the police to report her missing, unaware that Leathers and Bruce had already found her.


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Location: United States
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