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Dad uses drone to pull out son's tooth

Malcolm Swan made removing a wobbly baby teeth a fun-filled activity for his excited son Adam.

He tied a piece of dental floss to Adam's tooth, attached it to his Phantom Vision 2 helicopter drone and let the robot do the work.

In bizarre footage, an eager Adam watches the chopper quickly fly upwards into the clouds, taking his tooth with it, Daily Star reports.
'A quadcop phantom!' Adam says enthusiastically, throwing his hands in the air.

'Right. Time to start her up. Tell me when!' says his father, and Adam gives him a thumbs-up. Then he powers the drone high into the air.

'You can see in the video, when the floss comes tight, there's not even a jerk of his head or anything,' Mr Swan told Irish radio station RTE 2FM.

Mr Swan explained that he bought the DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter 'three or four weeks ago' and when he initially suggested his tooth-pulling idea to his son, he was not so keen, Daily Mail reports.

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