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Dune bashing in Saudi Arabia needs support

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Dune bashing is an off-road summer sport spread throughout most regions of the Saudi Kingdom and Gulf states, where the natural features of sand and dunes attract hundreds of participants and observers on weekends, reported Arab News.

The sport has generated great interest from some government and private bodies and institutions inside and outside the Kingdom, to organize these events, thanks to successes that have exceeded all expectations at the local and regional levels.
Dune bashing has been attracting hundreds of participants and fans, and Saudi male teenagers and residents in particular. Hail, Qassim, southern Riyadh and the Half Moon area in Alkhobar are popular spots for this sport, which has become one of the most popular events.
With all this momentum and spread of dune bashing, there are a lot of obstacles to the development and codification of this sport.

Motieb Saud Al-Qunon, one of the organizers of these events, said: “All countries of the world exploit their natural and geographical potentials in the tourism industry, in cooperation and support from officials and media agencies there. But dune bashing in the Kingdom does not receive the sufficient support is should get, according to its spread through the efforts of individuals and car owners.”
He said that there is a dire need to upgrade this sport to international levels, especially since the Kingdom enjoys many natural and geographical elements which qualify it to organize such events, and attract millions of visitors if implemented properly.
He said: “We are funding these activities at our expense, without encouragement or support from officials. We wish to see dune bashing topping the list of tourist attractions in the area.”
He called on the concerned authorities to adopt these events to accommodate young people who are interested in dune bashing, and hold international competitions with the participation of dune-bashing fans throughout the world.

Al-Qunon said that the unofficial dune-bashing committee seeks to be under a governmental umbrella, which groups all amateurs and professionals, to hold such events that have been able to attract fans of all ages on the weekends.
Motieb Fahd Al-Sabhan said: “Dune-bashing enthusiasts are spending huge amounts of money to prepare their non-conventional cars to practice this sport, and the time has come to turn these limited individual efforts into a real tourist event equipped with all required elements for success and sustainability.”

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