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Egypt unrest: Six deaths at Muslim Brotherhood protests

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At least six people have died in clashes between police and Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators across Egypt, BBC reports.

The Muslim Brotherhood put the death toll at 17. Dozens of people, including police, have been wounded.

The fighting spread through Cairo and other cities, including Alexandria, Fayoum and Ismailia, as police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators.

Authorities have recently intensified a crackdown on the movement, which has been declared a terrorist group.

In Friday's violence, police fought with demonstrators, some throwing stones and fireworks, in several districts in the capital, AFP news agency reported.

A police car was hit by petrol bombs and set alight, the agency said.

State news agency Mena said several people were hurt by birdshot in the clashes in Alexandria.

The latest clashes come a day after two people were killed in violence at an Islamist demonstration in the northern coastal city.

Supporters of the Brotherhood's ousted President Mohammed Morsi have held frequent protests since he was removed by the military in July.

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Location: Egypt
Location: Egypt
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