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Former couple Kate Moss and Johnny Depp reunite

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They haven't been photographed together for 15 years, but former couple Kate Moss ad Johnny Depp put any differences behind them to star in Paul McCartney's new music video, the singer has revealed.

Following reports that Kate and Johnny would be reuniting for the Queenie Eye video, McCartney, 71, has now confirmed the news.
He said: 'They are friends of mine and my daughter Stella's. I am very lucky they agreed to do it.'

The pair - who were together for four years from 1994 - are both featured in the promotional clip for the music legend's new single Queenie Eye, and although there are still 'raw emotions' at play neither could pass on the offer.

Kate and Johnny weren't the only stars to appear in the Macca video, which was shot at the iconic Abbey Road Studios.
The source added: 'There were a whole host of celebrities taking part. It was a really mixed bunch.
'Meryl Streep and Gary Barlow were in the studio, and there was an audience on set. But the big talking point was Kate and Johnny.'

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