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German Mayor Knocked Unconscious after Proposing Refugee Shelter

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The mayor of a small German town was beaten unconscious on his way to a meeting Thursday night in an attack investigators believe is linked to his plans to bring refugees into the community, reported The Daily Caller.

Joachim Kebschull, 61, serves as mayor of Oersdorf in northern Germany, home to less than 900 people. Kebschull wants to house refugees on a property in the community, which many locals strictly oppose. He has received death threats for months, and the local council has been forced to cancel its meetings twice due to bomb threats.

Words turned into action Thursday when Kebschull was struck on the back of the head with a stick or wooden beam. He was knocked unconscious and was taken to the hospital.

Newspaper Spiegel reports the mayor received letters earlier during the day saying “He who does not want to hear will have to feel” and “Oersdorf for the Oersdorfers.”

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