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German students create new drink to combat ‘garlic breath’

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Doner kebabs – a delicacy enjoyed by young and old, but the downside is garlicky breath after indulging. However, fear no more, three young Germans have come up with a drink they say will make unattractive odours a thing of the past, reported Euronews.

Roman Will is one of them. He explained the drink works with garlic bread and alcohol by neutralising food smells.

Together with two other friends they combined cloves, ginger, parsley, mint and lemon into a secret brew, which they have called Papa Türk .

But not everyone is convinced, scientist Franz-Peter Montforts has dismissed the effect as ‘inconclusive’.

Never-the-less, Papa Türk – so named after their favourite Kebab house – looks like becoming a runaway success with more than 10,000 bottles of the potion having already been delivered to numerous German takeaways.

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Location: Germany
Location: Germany
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