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Giant tuna capsizes Hawaiian fisherman's boat

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A Hawaiian fisherman who reeled in a 200lb (105kg) tuna has been rescued after the giant fish caused his boat to capsize, reported SkyNews.

Anthony Wichman thought he had hooked the catch of the day when the fish took his bait off the island of Kauai.

But when the 54-year-old hauled the massive tuna from the ocean, his 14-foot boat capsized under the weight, throwing him into the sea.

Mr Wichman's leg then became caught in the fishing line, dragging him underwater.

He eventually managed to free himself and clambered onto the hull of his partially-capsized boat to call his wife.

The US Coast Guard sent a helicopter to rescue Mr Wichman, who was taken to a hospital in Lihue with minor injuries.

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Location: Hawaii, USA
Location: Hawaii, USA
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