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Girls Take Beautiful Game Back To Grass Roots

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After a tumultuous week in world football the Women's World Cup has opened in Canada with optimism among those at grass roots level that the game can enjoy a new beginning.

Less than a mile from the Brooklyn court in New York where a slew of FIFA executives were indicted for alleged corruption offences, we joined the soccer mums and dads of young girls trying out for a place in local teams.

Soccer is huge in the US - having enjoyed phenomenal growth in its popularity over the last decade.

But the outgoing president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, drew widespread disdain when he suggested women should wear tighter shorts to increase the appeal of the game.

Coach Adam Kent told us: "To say that women soccer players should be wearing tighter shorts is degrading and there's no room for it. What's that going to do for them? Are they going to want to pursue their dreams of being a soccer player?"

The parents we spoke to told us change is good for the game.

One mother said: "I think in some ways it's kind of an opportunity to bring in a fresh perspective and to take the opportunity for women and girls to be taken more seriously."

David Stutt also coaches soccer in Brooklyn and told us he was proud the FBI had such a role in exposing the abuse of power at FIFA.

He said: "Any time you eradicate corruption, that bodes well for the growth of an enterprise whether its soccer or anything else. 

"As much as FIFA likes to think they've contributed to the growth of soccer globally they clearly have not done as much as they could have done if there hadn't been all of this corruption.

"So without this corruption it will take the brakes off the growth of soccer globally and as it grows globally it will grow here in the United States as well.

"The growth we've seen here in the United States regardless of what's been going on at FIFA has been remarkable.

"I grew up here in Brooklyn and 30-40 years ago soccer was an after-thought and didn't compete with any of the big three sports but now soccer is huge. The organisation I'm involved in has grown tenfold in as many years."

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