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Globetrotting film buff recreates iconic movie scenes

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A nomadic movie fan has recreated some of the most famous moments on the big screen, by photographing stills shots in their original locations - reported the DailyMail.

Christopher Maloney, 37, from Atlanta, spent more than two years travelling the world armed with a backpack full of stills from iconic cinema scenes.

He scoured New York and visited Chicago, Toronto and Rome among other places to line up scenes from Home Alone, The Dark Knight and Rocky in their real locations.

Fans of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York will recognise Duncan's Toy Chest, where mischievous Kevin lures crooks Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern in the 1992 blockbuster.

For lovers of romantic comedies, the moment where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan embrace when they were reunited in 1998 for You've Got Mail can be relived.

Movie lover Christopher said: 'One day I noticed that the CNN building where I worked was next to the street the Stay Puft Man took in Ghostbusters.

'So, I printed off a shot from the movie, lined it up, and snapped a photo.
'It was quite popular when I posted it to Facebook. So, I did more.'
The photographer calls his project FILMography and has set up a Tumblr website where visitors can access more than 500 photos of around 600 films all over the world.

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