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Heatwave Warning As Temperatures Could Hit 46 Degrees in Australia

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Right - to start with - if you are reading this in the UK, there's no need to be jealous. It might be summer down under just now, and they've got a long weekend too because it's Australia Day today, but it ain't all it's cracked up to be in the merry old land of Oz just now, reported LADbible (US).

Experts have been warning people to keep safe over the long weekend as it might be about to get so hot that there is a real danger to people's lives.

After experiencing crazy heat earlier in the month the mercury is set to soar again and some places - particularly in the central areas of the state of Victoria - could be looking at about 46 degree heat. Crikey.

Lots of other places such as New South Wales and South Australia are also expected to get up over the 40 degree mark. It's also going to be crazy humid too, which could make conditions really dangerous.

Humidity means that it feels a whole load hotter than it actually is (which is still very hot) and it also stops the body being able to sweat - which is really important for the body to naturally lower its own temperature.

Australians have been reminded not to leave any person sitting in a parked car (probably a pretty good piece of advice whatever the weather) as it can be crazy dangerous to them if the temperature quickly rises.

Also don't leave any dogs or other animals in there, but you knew that already.

The chief health officer of the state of Victoria, Professor Charles Guest explained: "Heat kills Australians more than any other national disaster. That's because the core temperature of the body goes up, sweating may go down and then organs may shut down. Heat can be a very dangerous phenomenon.

"It's important everybody in the community understands how to survive the heat.

He continued: "Looking in on your elderly neighbours and friends and relations in particular can also help prevent deaths. Many people in the community do not know how to prevent heat health effects and making sure they are doing what you're doing can all be helpful behaviours."

The temperatures are forecast to be extremely high pretty much wherever you are, but things are going to get ridiculously hot particularly in inland areas.

Stay safe out there, Aussies - not that you'll need reminding, but make sure you stay well hydrated this weekend.

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