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Heroic dog kept warm a missing girl in Poland

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A missing 3-year-old girl, who spent a night in freezing cold temperatures, survived because her dog kept her warm. The child named Julia was found 6 kilometres from her home with her dog by her side. Authorities believe the small dog named Czarus kept the girl alive.

The missing child’s parents called police on Friday after Julia, who was playing close to her home in Poland, disappeared with Czarus.
More than 250 police officers, firefighters, rescue workers and residents searched the meadows, thickets and forest surrounding the family’s home in the village of Pierzwin. They also had a police helicopter with infrared cameras and search dogs looking for the girl.
The search lasted throughout the night. Julia was found in nearby marshland early Saturday morning by a group of volunteer firefighters.

Julia was freezing cold and frightened, but conscious. Czarus was by her side. One of the firefighters said that the dog kept Julia warm enough to live and was indispensable to her survival. He said for the whole night the animal was with the girl and it never left her. It was 5 Celsius degrees below zero and the child was wet, he added.

Julia was taken to hospital where she is recovering. She appears to have suffered some frostbite.

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Location: Pierzwin, Poland
Location: Pierzwin, Poland
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