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Hong Kong: World's worst light pollution

Hong Kong is one of the most spectacular skylines of the world but a recent study has found, however, that the lights of the metropolis are causing light pollution that is sometimes 1,200 times the internationally accepted standard.

Tourism authorities of Hong Kong are trying to balance the city’s glamorous image with less waste as the city lights up.

The light pollution has been so intense that pedestrians need to wear sunglasses during the night.

The densely-populated city of seven million inhabitants, full of residential buildings, tall office blocks and neon advertisements, has no laws to control external lighting.

Some streets feel like it’s the middle of day even late at night, but 87% of respondents said this kind of lighting kept the crime rate low.

Scientists collected data at 18 monitoring stations for three years, and found the some of the worst readings in the city’s tourist hotspot Tsim Sha Tsui.

The research has suggested that light pollution can cause a number of adverse health effects in humans, including insomnia and headaches, and can also disrupt body clocks and hormones.

Light pollution threatens wildlife as well by disrupting biological rhythms and otherwise interfering with the behavior of nocturnal animals.

The university survey, the result of five million measurements taken from points across the city, was released just days before the start of the annual Earth Hour event, organised by the World Wildlife Fund.

People around the world will be encouraged to turn off their lights for an hour on Saturday night to raise awareness of climate change.

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