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Hulk the world's biggest pit bull is 12 and a half stone

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His name is Hulk. Well, look at him - what else would you call him?
Weighing twelve and a half stone (175 lbs), he is believed to be the world's largest pit bull. And because he is only 17-months-old, he hasn't stopped growing yet - reported the DailyMail.

Proud owners Marlon and Lisa Grennan, from New Hampshire, say their monster pet is 100 per cent trusted with their three-year-old son, Jordan, despite the breed's fierce reputation and even let him ride the animal like a horse.
Indeed, photographs show the toddler happily riding on the canine's back, grabbing the collar just behind its 28-inch wide head.

While pit bulls are branded 'dangerous' with breeding bans enforced in the UK, Mr Grennan claims they are actually very caring and fit for the family.

However, Mr Grennan acknowledges that a dog the size of the Hulk 'could kill someone if it was in the wrong situation at the wrong time' and 'snap an arm like a toothpick.'
The Grennan's dog is almost three-times bigger than a normal American pit bull terrier.

He is also still a puppy meaning he could grow even bigger.
Each day he is fed a protein-rich diet consisting of supplements and 4lbs of ground beef.
The Grennans believe the bigger the dog, the better.

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Location: New Hampshire, USA
Location: New Hampshire, USA
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