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Hungry polar bears eat grease and oil coming off the visiting tour bus

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Cold temperatures, melting polar caps and a declining seal population have made the life of a polar bear harder than ever.

This starving half-tonne polar bear mother and her cub has been forced to resort to licking oil and grease from the underside of bus in a desperate attempt to find a meal.
It is thought that the mother bear and her cub were forced to take the drastic measures in Hudson Bay, Canada after going hungry for five months due to a lack of food in the area.

Polar bears normally feed on seals caught on huge sections of sea ice - but when the ice melts in the summer months they are forced back to land where food is scarce.
The mother bear and her cub approached the tour bus to feed on the lubricants on the undercarriage and wheels, much to the delight of the visiting tourists who got their cameras out to capture the animals.

It is not unusual that the hungry bears in Hudson Bay approach the buses, and since the bizarre habits became commonplace, the tour company has opted to use 'edible' oils that do not harm them.
Polar bears can be found within the Arctic Circle, commonly weighing in between 750-1,500lbs for a male and around half for a woman. They inhabit areas within the Arctic as well as adjacent landmasses as far south as James Bay in Canada.
Polar bears spend several months per year at sea, living on the ice and hunting seal, but moves onto land as the ice melts in the summer months.

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Location: Canada
Location: Canada
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