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Japan bracing for Typhoon Noru

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Typhoon Noru is approaching Japan's main islands, lashing the southern part of the country with heavy rain and strong winds, reported SBS.

The powerful typhoon already buffeted Japan's southern islands on Saturday, leaving two dead and nine missing, local broadcaster NHK reported.

The Japan Meteorological Agency on Sunday warned of mudslides, flooding, high waves and swollen rivers on Kyushu and other southern islands.

About 200 flights have been cancelled in the region as the season's fifth typhoon was approaching Kyushu and the southwestern island of Shikoku.

As of 10am on Sunday, the eye of the storm was near Tanegashima island, travelling slowly, with maximum sustained winds of 126km/h, the agency said.

Rainfall of up to 600 millimetres was forecast for Kagoshima prefecture, including some southern islands, and up to 400 millimetres for Miyazaki prefecture by Monday morning.

About 2000 residents were forced to leave their homes in the southern part of Kyushu and other southern islands as the storm hit, NHK said.

A month ago, torrential rains lashed Kyushu and triggered mudslides and flooding in the prefectures of Fukuoka and Oita, leaving 36 dead and five missing.


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