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Lady Gaga's slow-walk exhibition in white gown

On Thursday Gaga put on a grand, attention-grabbing show as she inched out of her hotel crying in a long white gown.

Dressed in a Todd Lynn full length white dress, Gaga go barefoot for her walk from the Langham hotel to her car.
It took her 6 minutes, so this is a time-lapse.

With it’s backless design, the floaty dress didn’t expose too much flesh but Gaga let her makeup do the talking as she strolled outside.

Perhaps the star’s tearful mood is down to the loss she suffered on Tuesday evening: her pet dog had died.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga is being sued over her 2009 song entitled Teeth by Music producer and singer Teddy Riley.
He claims he hasn't received any of the payments he is owed after the song was included on her smash hit The Fame Monster EP.

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