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Little Dictator: Spoof Kim Game Gets Go-Ahead

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The makers of a satirical App game about North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un say Apple has now allowed it on iTunes despite previously rejecting it.

Little Dictator, which has been compared to Flappy Bird, shows him as a cartoon character riding on missiles through the "dangerous world outside the Fatherland" to make sure they hit the "evil west".

The game's creator and chief executive of Built Games Mike Pagano said the iOS version had originally been rejected for flouting guideline 14.1 on Apple's App Store.

This referred to Apps that were "defamatory, offensive, mean-spirited, or likely to place the targeted individual or group in harm's way".

But Apple changed its mind two weeks later following an appeal by Mr Pagano and the iOS version is now available alongside the Android and Amazon versions.

Speaking to Sky News, he said he had told Apple the game was "light-hearted satire", it was "not mean spirited" and there was "no outward negativity" towards North Korea or Mr Kim.

The game sees Kim Jong-un riding on a missile

But Mr Pagano also said he wanted to shine a light on the regime's human rights issues and internment camps.

He said the country was not able to feed its own people, they were isolated from the rest of the world, Pyongyang's rocket fire was rash and they were running a slander campaign against the west, specifically America.

It comes at a time when satirical attacks on Pyongyang are in the spotlight in the wake of The Interview - a Hollywood film about the fictional assassination of Mr Kim.

Hackers launched a cyber assault on the Sony makers of the movie and threatened to target cinemas that screened the film. Sony originally pulled The Interview but then later decided to release it.

Mr Pagano told Sky News he was "not scared" of hackers but had taken precautionary measures against cyber attacks.

He also said it was "okay to poke fun at leaders" and he "wouldn't be bullied" by the North Korean regime.

The game, for mobiles and tablets, is free to play but users can unlock new rockets and power-ups including Father's Golf Clubs, Chicago Basketballs, Double Rainbows and Giant Rabbits.

Describing the spoof game, Built Games said: "In the infinitely unlikely event that the missile explodes before it reaches the evil West, more missiles will be supplied to try again and again… and again and again!

"Not to worry, Kim Jong-Un possesses the hearts of his father and grandfather giving him ultimate endurance and strength to withstand any small mishaps along the way… very few of course!"

Little Dictator is not the first game to be rejected by Apple due to its depiction of the North Korean regime.

In 2013, Joyful Executions, which put players in charge of a firing squad, was rejected over its violence and crude content.

And this year a game called Glorious Leader!, starring Mr Kim, had its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign cancelled amid a reported hack attack.

Last year, North Korean diplomats asked the British government to step in after a London hairdresser used an image of the secretive regime's leader in a promotion for cheaper hair cuts.

The poster displayed in the window at M&M Hair Academy in South Ealing, west London, featured an image of Kim Jong-Un and his distinctive hairstyle alongside the words "Bad Hair Day?".

Staff at the salon said two men claiming to be North Korean officials had confronted the owner over the poster.

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