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Migrant Found Dead Near Channel Tunnel Tracks

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A migrant has been found dead near the tracks of the Channel Tunnel, after apparently trying to cross over from France to the UK - reported the SkyNews.

The Eritean man, who was in his 20s, is believed to have been hit by a freight train at about 1am this morning.

Eurotunnel has said it "deplored" the accident, and a spokesman added: "It's another very regrettable incident which serves to highlight the risks associated with crossing the Channel illegally."

He is the 13th migrant to die since the migration crisis between France and Britain began - and the second person to die along the route in 24 hours.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, an Iraqi man was crushed to death after apparently sneaking on board a lorry bound for the UK.

The HGV's driver had been forced to break suddenly, and discovered the 20-year-old's body as he inspected his load in Calais.

Security surrounding the terminals in Calais has been ramped up in recent months - with extra fences erected, and more guards deployed to police the border.


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