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Migrants arrested for rape in Germany

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Eight men were arrested in the idyllic German city of Freiburg on Friday in connection with the rape of an 18-year-old woman. Police said that seven of the suspects were Syrian men aged 19 to 29, and one native German aged 25, reported Deutsche Welle (Germany).

The victim reportedly met at least one of the men at a nightclub in Freiburg's industrial area on the night of October 14. The man is suspected of having drugged the woman's drink. All eight men are accused of having taken turns assaulting her near the club.

Police said they were able to determine some of the suspects based on DNA evidence.
"There is no tolerance for despicable acts," said Mayor Martin Horn, promising swift justice.

The incident is the latest in a series of violent acts since 2016 to have rocked the south-western city known for its beautiful scenery, university and eco-friendly living.

The city has had to reckon with a beating by a group of teenagers that left a middle-aged man dead, the rape and murder of a medical student, the killing of a 27-year-old female jogger by a truck driver in the suburb of Endingen, as well as the discovery of a pedophilia ring in the nearby town of Staufen.


German police have arrested eight people, including seven Syrian refugees and a German citizen, over their suspected involvement in a group sexual assault on an 18-year-old woman in the city of Freiburg, reported Russia Today.

The incident took place on the night of October 14 but the police only issued a detailed report on the matter after all major suspects were detained. The victim, whose identity has not been revealed, attended a disco party at one of the local clubs, where she became acquainted with a Syrian asylum seeker, the police said in a statement.

He bought her a drink and the pair then left the club together, the statement adds. The man is alleged to have then dragged the woman into nearby bushes and raped her. The perpetrator then left his victim in the bushes and returned to the club to "call his friends," the German Bild daily reports.

The woman was subsequently raped by at least seven other men. According to police, the victim could not resist the assaults and was left "completely defenseless" as she was allegedly "intoxicated" by an unknown substance. German media reported that the drink the Syrian bought her might have contained "knockout drops" or some drugs.

The woman survived the encounter and filed a complaint to the police the next day. In the two weeks following the assault, officers detained seven Syrian nationals, who "were mostly living in the refugee shelters" in and around Freiburg, as well as a German citizen. The investigators also said that they "cannot rule out that other persons were involved" in the incident.

The Syrian suspects are between 19- and 29-years old, while the German is 25, the police said, providing no further details of the suspects' identities. "Almost all the… suspects have been previously known to police," the statement said, without revealing the exact nature of their previous misdemeanors.

The incident has once again fueled anti-immigrant sentiment in Germany, which has accepted more than a million refugees and asylum seekers since the 2015 refugee crisis, sparking resentment among some parts of the population.

"It is apparently a sheer coincidence that the particularly multicultural Freiburg hits the headlines again and again because of the particularly brutal sex crimes," one person sarcastically wrote on Twitter. It is indeed not the first such incident in the western German city. Back in 2016, Freiburg was shocked by the death of Maria Ladenburger, a 19-year-old medical student, who was raped and drowned by an Afghan asylum seeker.

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