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'Miracle' As Boy Found In Oz Bush After 4 Days

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An 11-year-old boy who went missing in the Australian bush four days ago has been found alive in what police described as a "miracle".


Luke Shambrook, who has autism, was last seen on Good Friday after he wandered away from his family's campsite in Lake Eildon National Park in the state of Victoria.

He was spotted by a police helicopter on Tuesday morning - around 3km (1.8 miles) away from the campsite.

Luke was dehydrated and suffering from mild hypothermia but otherwise well.

Luke is reunited with his mother

As he was taken on a stretcher from the bush, he was hugged by his teary mother.

"In some ways it's a miracle," Victoria Police Acting Commander Rick Nugent told reporters.

"You will have all seen the terrain here, how thick it is, how cold it's been of a night. We've had rain most of this morning.

"To spot him now is an absolute relief. And the joy by all of us that he's been found is just hard to describe."

Luke's uncle Peter Roberts said the family was "rejoicing".

Luke went missing on Good Friday

"We're very thankful to live in a society that puts a lot of effort into finding children who go missing," he said.

"We're very happy that Luke's been found alive and well even after such a long time."

Holidaymakers camping at the site joined emergency services, including police dogs and a helicopter, to hunt for Luke.

After days of searching, they were given new hope late on Monday when they found Luke's beanie in bushland.

Lake Eildon is a popular spot for camping

It was feared the search would be complicated by Luke's autism, with police saying he might not realise he was lost and may not respond to search teams.

Rescuers were told Luke liked to hide, so they had been looking in underground burrows including mine shafts and wombat holes.

Luke, who is from Victoria, is also fascinated with water, so police divers combed Lake Eildon for any sign of him.

Volunteers joined the search for Luke

Acting Commander Nugent said: "Four nights in this area of Victoria, the thick scrub, the longer it went the more challenging it was going to be for us to have him located safe and well... it's just wonderful news.

"An 11-year-old boy, challenged as he is with his autism, he's a courageous, resilient, strong young man."

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