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Mount Everest rock face named after climber collapses

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A near-vertical rock face near the summit of Mount Everest named after Sir Edmund Hillary has collapsed, according to mountaineers, reported Sky News (UK).

The Hillary Step, located around 28,800ft (8,790m) above sea level, was considered one of the trickiest parts of the ascent of the world's tallest mountain.
Named after Sir Edmund - the first person along with Tenzing Norgay to scale it on the way to the summit - the face is believed to have been damaged by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake which struck in Nepal in 2015.

But until now it could not be confirmed because the area was covered in snow.
British mountaineer Tim Mosedale said a "piece of mountaineering history" has disappeared.
He told The Guardian: "It was reported last year, and indeed I climbed it last year, but we weren't sure for certain that the step had gone because the area was blasted with snow.
"This year, however, I can report that the chunk of rock named the Hillary Step is definitely not there anymore."

It comes after three climbers died on Mount Everest over the weekend, officials said.
Roland Yearwood, 50, from Georgiana, Alabama, died near the summit on Sunday but no further details have been released.
Vladimir Strba, 50, from Slovakia, died on the mountain on the same day.
Australian Francesco Enrico Marchetti, 54, from Queensland, died on the Chinese side of Everest.

Fears are growing for Indian climber Ravi Kumar, who became unwell on his way down from the summit on Saturday and did not arrive at the nearest camp, although his accompanying Sherpa guide did.
The Nepalese Tourism Department issued a record 371 permits this year to people hoping to scale the mountain.

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