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Mum Tracks Down Suspect In Daughter's Death

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By Sky News US Team

A US cyber sleuth mother has used social media to track down a fugitive suspected of her daughter's murder a decade ago.

Police say William Sotelo, 28, is in custody in Riverside, southern California, after being arrested in Mexico on Friday.

He is accused of driving the car from which bullets were fired that killed Crystal Theobald in February 2006.

Ms Theobald, 24, who had two small daughters, was targeted in a case of mistaken identity by gang members, police say.

Her mother, Belinda Lane, set up bogus social media accounts to generate leads in the investigation.

One profile used a photo of her daughter, with the name "Angel", while another was for a non-existent "Rebecca".

Ms Lane began exchanging messages with Sotelo on social media beginning in 2006.

She learned via Facebook in 2014 that Sotelo was in Mexico, and alerted detectives.

Ms Lane told the Riverside Press-Enterprise she had made a promise to her dead daughter that "if it took my last breath I was going to get him and give her justice so she could rest in peace".

Sotelo could face charges including murder.

Police Lt Christian Dinco said: "The extent to which she (Ms Lane) kept up her efforts to bring this person to justice, it's impressive.

"It just goes to show the love she has for her daughter."

The gunman, Julio Heredia, was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2011.

Ten other defendants have admitted charges ranging from attempted murder to witness intimidation.

Heredia and his accomplices in the Hispanic Varrio 5150 gang had been driving around seeking to avenge a shooting.

Police say they mistook the car Ms Theobald was in for one belonging to a rival gang.

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