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Not brave enough to go totally topless? Let's wear 'TaTa Top' bikini!

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Designed by Chicago-based feminists Robyn Graves and Michelle Lytle, the TaTa Top is a skin colored bikini adorned with nipples, giving the very convincing illusion of toplessness - reported the DailyMail.

The cheeky swimwear, which comes in its original nude hue as well as medium and dark skin tones, costs $28 per top, with $5 of each sale put towards a breast cancer research foundation.

Robyn and Michelle write on their website that they launched the bikini top with the aim of desexualizing the nipple.

Though they are not directly affiliated, the TaTa Top was in part inspired by the Free The Nipple movement launched by filmmaker Lina Esco and made popular by Bruce Willis' daughter Scout.

In May, Scout paraded through New York City - where female toplessness is legal - in just a skirt, posting pictures of herself to Twitter with the hashtag #FreeTheNipple.

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Location: United States
Location: United States
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