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Anniversary of Costa Concordia tragedy

Friends and relatives remembered the victims of the Costa Concordia ship accident that happened one year ago. After a two-hour Mass in the church of Giglio, they were taken to the wreck by a boat so that they could be close to the place where their loved ones lost their lives. Messages, flowers and other personal objects were thrown into the ice cold water. The horn of the boat sounded 32 times to the memory of the 32 victims. A plaque was lowered to the deep water with all their names to mark the one year anniversary. Later 32 lanterns were let fly.
The Costa Concordia ran aground on 13 January 2012 with around 4200 people on board. Franchesco Schettino, the captain, directed the ship too close to the island of Giglio as a “salute” gesture. Later Schettino was arrested in connection with manslaughter and abandoning the ship; the trial is still on-going.

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