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Paris Attacks Suspect Remains Silent In Court

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Terror suspect Salah Abdeslam has invoked his right to silence during questioning by judges investigating his alleged role in the Paris attacks.

The 26-year-old arrived at the Palace of Justice in the French capital surrounded by armed security forces while a police helicopter hovered overhead.

However, the session was quickly terminated after he declined to answer questions. 

It is thought the Brussels-born Frenchman played a key logistical role in the attacks in November in which 130 people were killed. 

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Abdeslam is thought to have been driven back to Brussels from Paris hours after the attacks by two friends.

He was arrested in the Belgian capital in March, four days before the terror attacks at Brussels airport and a metro station.

Last month, he indicated he was prepared to co-operate with investigators, but today his lawyer, Frank Berton, suggested his client had been disturbed by 24-hour video surveillance in his maximum-security cell.

"The hearing is over," said Mr Berton.

"Mr Abdeslam decided not to speak today, using his right to remain silent.

"The magistrate asked him why and he did not want to explain the reasons of his silence."

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Mr Berton added: "The CCTV monitoring is a political decision, not a judicial decision, because there is no legal framework (for it).

"He can't tolerate being watched on video 24 hours a day.

"Psychologically that makes things difficult."

The hearing marked the first time Abdeslam was questioned since his extradition from Belgium last month, at which point Mr Berton said his client wanted to explain his path to radicalisation.

He is the only suspect still alive that is believed to have played a direct role in the attacks at a concert hall, stadium and cafes in Paris.

The other attackers died in suicide bombings or under police fire.

Authorities and victims' families had hoped his evidence would solve mysteries that remain about how the attacks on the night of 13 November happened.

It is thought Abdeslam may have been recruited as a suicide bomber by Islamist militants but changed his mind before carrying out the attack.

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