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Passenger takes turkey on Delta flight as emotional support animal

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The Department of Transportation does not have any rules outlining exactly what kinds of animals do or do not qualify — at least not yet — but the Air Carrier Access act does say that airlines “are never required to accommodate certain unusual service animals (e.g., snakes, other reptiles, ferrets, rodents, and spiders) as service animals in the cabin.” Delta has its own restrictions on certain animals; it will not allow hedgehogs, ferrets, insects, snakes or sugar gliders, among others. It also says it won’t allow animals with a foul odor, but it doesn’t say who gets to decide what’s too foul. (Or fowl).

And it gets better — or worse, depending on how you feel about this particular bird. The turkey was pushed through the airport in a wheelchair. A second Reddit user, unclelimpy, said he was friends with the pilot on that flight, and posted a picture of the bird, propped up in a wheelchair. And now we know that the turkey wasn’t wearing a diaper on the plane, which somehow makes it so much worse - reported the 10News.

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