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Pedestrians play public street pianos

Thanks to a public art project titled "Sing for Hope Pianos", for the next two weeks, anybody that wants can sit down at one of the 88 pianos set up around New York City and play their heart away.

"The pianos are a symbol of what we do year round; bring arts into the community. Everyone has an artist within who wants to make their song sing," said Camille Zamora, co-founder, Sing For Hope.

The festival first debuted in 2010 when 60 pianos were featured. It returned the following year but took a backseat last year due to lack of funding.

"The artists spent a lot of time brining their design to life on a very large canvas which is the piano. They submit proposals and spend lots of time in the piano study space creating them. It's a huge labor of love; all volunteer," said Monica Yunus, co-founder.

Sing for Hope is a grassroots group of over 1,000 artists who volunteer to make art accessible to everyone.

After the festival ends, the pianos are donated to local organizations, schools and hospitals. Artists volunteer there yearlong, bringing workshops and concerts.

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