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Pizza delivery man caught on CCTV eating toppings

A pizza delivery man has been caught on CCTV picking at a customer's food toppings in Russia.

The individual was filmed in a lift in St Petersburg on his way to making the delivery.

In the footage, the worker is seen opening the food box and picking at it before placing it in the bag.

Viewers of the video recognized the fast food company as ‘2 Coasts’. The shop's customer relations manager Katerina Nechayeva later posted on the video: "Greetings! We would like to comment on the situation at hand.

"We have already been made aware of this video. For our company this incident is unprecedented. A workplace investigation has been conducted.

"The deliveryman responsible has been found and disciplined to the full extent. Such employees will not be tolerated in our company."

The company has also revealed that the pizza will now come in sealed boxes.

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